Package Tours for the Gyeongju Region

Various tours are available allowing you to experience Gyeongju’s thousands of years of culture, including the Bulguksa, downtown and Gampo areas.

laces Worth Visiting in Gyeongju
  • Bulkuksa


  • Anipji


  • Gyeongju National Museum

    Gyeongju National

  • Gwaereung


  • Shilla Art & Science Museum

    Shilla Art &
    Science Museum

  • Hyoso Royal Tomb

    Hyoso Royal Tomb

  • Grave of General Kim Yushin

    Grave of General
    Kim Yushin

  • Folk Craft Village

    Folk Craft Village

  • Dongnimogwol Literature Museum

    Literature Museum

  • Seokguram


  • Tongiljeon


  • Muyeol Royal Tomb

    Muyeol Royal Tomb

  • Banwolseong


  • Poseokjeong


  • Gameun Temple Site

    Gameun Temple Site

  • Munmudae Royal Tomb

    Munmudae Royal Tomb

  • Shilla Millennium Park

    Shilla Millennium Park

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Shilla History Tour
Shilla History Tour
Category Running Times Note
Morning 09:10 ~ 13:00 - Same departure time as whole day tour (Morning+ Afternoon)
- Tours are subject to changes made according to traffic conditions
Afternoon 14:00 ~ 17:10
Weekly Tour Schedule
Weekly Tour Schedule
Category Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Morning History Tour A History Tour A History Tour A Closed D
(East Sea Coast)
History Tour A History Tour A
Afternoon History Tour B History Tour C History Tour C History Tour C History Tour C
  • Tours are subject to changes made according to traffic coYou can choose to take your tours in the morning,
    afternoon or all day (morning + afternoon).
  • The minimum number of people required for departure is 10 (15 or more for Tour D). (You will be notified individually in the case where a tour is cancelled due to lack of participants)
  • Tours are subject to changes according to circumstances on the day of the tour.
Schedule for Each Tour
Schedule for Each Tour
Tour Name Tour Schedule
History Tour A Seokguram (Grotto) > Bulguksa (Temple) > Shilla History Science Museum
History Tour B Bunhwang/Hwangryong Temple Sites > Grave of General Kim Yushin >
Taejongmuyeol Royal Tomb (Kim Chunchu) > Cheonmachong (Daereungwon)
History Tour C Bunhwang/Hwangryong Temple Sites > Cheomseongdae >
Cheonmachong(Daereungwon) > Museum
History Tour D Bulguksa (Temple) > Seokguram (Grotto) > Gameun Temple Site > Lunch >
Munmudae Royal Tomb > Jusangjeolli(Mural Village) > Golgulsa (Temple)

* Resort departure, arrival

Tour Prices
Tour Prices
Category Whole Day Tour Half-Day Tour
Adults 11,000won 10,000won
Seniors 2,000won 10,000won
School Students
8,000won 9,000won
School Students
6,000won 8,000won
Preschool Children - 6,000won
  • Separate admission fees (payment by cash only) for each tourist attraction are levied for whole/half day tours.
  • Lunch is not provided. You may purchase your own lunch (1 hour) at Daemyung Resort after the completion of the morning tour.
Tour Prices (Admission + Tour Cost) – Admission / Tour Cost
Tour Prices (Admission + Tour Cost) – Admission / Tour Cost
Category Tour A
Tour B
Tour C
Adults 11,000won 3,800won 3,300won 14,800won 14,300won 8,000won
Seniors 2,000won - - 2,000won 2,000won
School Students
8,000won 2,300won 2,000won 10,300won 10,000won 6,000won
School Students
6,000won 1,800won 1,600won 7,800won 7,600won 4,000won
Preschool Children - - - - - -
  • Due to the closure of the museum every week on Monday, Tour B will be held instead in the afternoon
  • Free entry for seniors is applicable when an identity card indicating age or a senior’s card is presented (65 years or over)