World most elegant sport SONO FELICE EQUESTRAIN CLUB is luxury and public horse-riding club where composes European classic clubhouse design by considering the flow of riding and provides level based lesson from beginner to professional by best instructors such as post national players.

The Best facilities & design

SONO FELICE’s European classical clubhouse improves the quality. Diverse facilities such as Horse affair, indoor practice, round track, etc are also provided so that it can be used not only for lessons from the beginners to professionals, but also riding competition. By combining among clubhouse, indoor practice, and horse affairs, not only for horse but also for the customers it can be used conveniently. Its application is national first horse-riding club and is only and first design structure.
With this, large scaled horse-riding facility for upper intermediate and professional and smaller scaled horse-riding for the beginner are prepared. Like as previous design, designing two different indoor horse-riding facilities at a place is uniqueness of SONO FELICE EQUESTRAIN CLUB.

The Excellent Horse

SONO FELICE EQUESTRAIN CLUB treats high quality of luxury and pedigreed horse For 60 luxury and German pedigreed horses, install CCTV to check the condition of horse at paddock and keep best conditions of luxury horses to breathe properly in riding.

The Best Coach & Special Program

The other point of SONO FELICE EQUESTRAIN CLUB is instructors.
It provides safer and systematic horse-riding experience by national famous horse-riding players and best instructors. Also, ‘SONO FELICE HORSE RIDING CLUB’ will be opened soon along with inner professional instructors in the first half of 2014. SONO FELICE EQUESTRAIN CLUB not only cares for the history and cultural experience of horse-riding, but also nature and animals. ‘Horse-riding academy’ which helps to develop great spirit is operated systematically.
With systematic and distinct educational program, different depth of horse-riding culture and service will be provided by offering Korean and English version of education.