VIVALDI PARK OCEAN WORLD, World Top 4 Waterpark, is the most popular summer destination in Korea. Covering 120,923,200 sq ft, 14 times bigger than a soccer field, it can accommodate up to 23,000 people at the same time.

It is a 'Theme Waterpark' inspired by ancient egyptian culture, featuring a large Sphinx, Pyramids, and Pharaohs, and other symbolic objects of Egypt. Visitors can go under the illusion that they are in egypt after seeing its enormous egyptian themed facilities which makes OCEAN WORLD even more attractive.

OCEAN WORLD is an eco-friendly waterpark which minimized damage to the environment and maximized its facilities and services to give visitors of all ages great enjoyment. It has many thrilling and exciting attractions including the 300meter-long Extreme River, Surfing Mount, Family raft slide, Spa village, and Angel's pool.

OCEAN WORLD is divided into four areas- Indoor Zone, Extreme Zone, Dynamic zone and Mega Slide Zone.


Indoor Zone offers various facilities for both young and old including a Wave Pool, a River Pool, Slides, Bathing Pool, Aqua playground, Jjimjilbang (sauna/spa), Therapy center and an Open-air bath.


The Extreme Zone is a hot-spot for teenagers, living up to its name with an ‘extreme river’ where you can taste the thrill of non-stop waves, as well as a ‘surfing mount’ boasting of the country’s only 8 foot v-wave.


The Dynamic Zone is packed with thrilling theme rides features including the world’s longest slide the Monster Blaster, 6-seater Super Boomerango, and the large-scale Giant Waterplex.


You can enjoy various thrills through mega slide-zone which is newly opened in 2011. Especially 'Super S ride' which operates at world first is the most popular attraction in the zone. On top of that, 'Cairo Racing', 'high speed slides', and 'Family Raft Slide' are ready for thrill seekers.

Attraction situation

Conditions and forecast of daytime Attraction use

Conditions of Attraction
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Indoor Zone Operation Outdoor Zone Operation

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Facilities Guide

Facilities Guide
Category Facilities
Attraction Aqua Zone Wave Pool
Swimming Pool
Indoor Slide
Indoor Flowing Pool
Kid’s Pool
Aqua Pool
Tower Pool
Outdoor Flowing Pool
Cave Bath
Open-Air Bath/Event Pool
Extreme Zone Surfing Mount
Extreme River
Super Extreme River
Kid’s Pool
Family Pool
Dynamic Zone Monster Blaster
Super Boomerango
Giant Waterplex
Mega Slide Zone Cairo Racing
Super S Slid
High Speed Slide
Family Left Slide
Facility Jjimjilbang Zone Bulgama (Hot Room)
Red Clay Room/Charcoal Room/Amethyst Room/Iced Room
Pharaoh Internet Cafe
Relaxation Facilities
Therapy Center
Sun Bed
Sauna zone
Angel Spa
Spa Village
Shelter for lost children
Lactation room
Medical Service Room
Pyramisa Logo Shop
Rental Shop